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Air Venture Flight Center is a professional flight training school and aircraft rental company. We have a full time staff of professional flight instructors and a nice fleet of Cessna aircraft.

Discover the Thrill of Flying!

Here at Air Venture Flight Center, we offer your first 30-minute Discovery Flight for only $149! For half an hour, you'll fly with an instructor and experience all the joys of flying. You'll even get to control the airplane yourself! Call us today and book a reservation!


Through These Doors Walks the Future of Aviation!

With the US & Global Pilot Shortage upon us, it is a perfect time to be a pilot.  Pay and benefits are increasing in order to attract qualified pilots to the airline and corporate operators.  Air Venture has the programs and experience for the career minded pilot.  In less than 12 months, Air Venture can train pilots with FAA certification that meets requirements for airline and corporate operators outside the United States.  However, due to Congressional limits, U.S. air carriers operating under 121 (which applies to all major and regional airlines), require a higher level of experience.  The good news is the higher level can be achieved in several ways.  One way is to become a flight instructor.  Without flight instructors there is no aviation.


In the last 50 years the demand for pilots have never been greater than it is today.  If you are undecided as to your career, if you think you would like being a pilot, come and take a discovery flight. In 2 1/2 years you could be qualified to fly for a US carrier


Air Venture Flight Center is an FAA-Approved and CAAV Approved 141 flight training school and aircraft rental company. We have a full-time staff of professional flight instructors and a fleet of well maintained Cessna, Beech, and Piper aircraft. From Private, Instrument, Commercial, Multi-Engine, ATP and Certified Flight Instructor, we can get you the ratings and certificates you need. Our facility provides you with everything you need, including a Pilot Supply Store, Lasergrade/PSI Computer Testing Center, and FAA Designated Examiners.


We are located at the Olive Branch Airport in Olive Branch, Mississippi! With our staff of friendly flight instructors, we can prepare you for a career in aviation.

Call 901-521-1068 or 662-895-9752 for more information.


Multi-Crew Cockpit Training (MCC) A320

To further help our local aviation community, we are offering a variety of MCC training courses, such as:

· Jet Transition and Orientation in Multi-Engine Transport Aircraft

· Threat and Error Management, Effective CRM, and Human Factors
· International Training

· Free CRM Course


Click here for more information about our A320 Simulator and training programs. 


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